Spencer Frost is an Award winning filmmaker specialising in outdoor,  adventure, tourism and ocean based films. He's currently living in Avalon Beach - Sydney, but is often away for work or off on an adventure. 

The past few years Spencer has been lucky enough to work for a number of clients including BBC Earth, Red Bull Media House, BMW, Ducati, The North Face, Corona and a number of tourism boards. 

This project is his first feature length film - and has already been selected for a number of film festivals around the world. 


photographer // Guy williment

Guy Williment is a 26 years old photographer that is based in Avalon Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.


He is a self taught photographer that focuses mainly on outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography. Over the past year Guy has managed to turn his passion for photography into his full time job working alongside companies such as Destination NSW as well as having photos published in the Qantas Magazines and a number of the top Surf Magazines. 


In 2018 Guy showcased his first solo exhibition, ‘Altitudes and Oceans’ and this year has self published his first hardcover book titled, ‘A Corner of the Earth’. 



Fraser Dovell is a 21 year old surfer that grew up in Avalon on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 


From a young age he was picked up by Ripcurl as one of their upcoming team riders and competed on the junior series for a number of years. After winning the National Championships he set his sights on the World Qualifying Series. After a few years grinding it out on the comp scene he decided that competing wasn't for him anymore.


This adventure was his last big surf trip before starting full time university and work commitments. Fraser is now studying Landscape Architecture and going on free surf trips whenever he can.