A Corner of the Earth is a cinematic exploration of surfing in the brutal northern winter featuring aspiring professional surfer Fraser Dovell who is struggling with the harsh realities of competitive surfing. Along with filmmaker Spencer Frost and photographer Guy Williment, Fraser throws himself out of his comfort zone to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The trio journey to a far Corner of the Earth to search for waves in the wildly beautiful and treacherous solitude of the arctic. Battling extremes of weather and close encounters with the majesty of nature, Fraser comes to a new appreciation of what it means to be a surfer.


London Surf Film Festival: 

"Sumptuously filmed tale of Fraser Dovell’s transition from the hard grind of the QS to letting go of the dream. He embarks on one last epic voyage across the North Atlantic, seeking out thundering barrels, reeling points and treacherous solitude of the Arctic. Must-see travelogue from an award winning filmmaker, stirring up wanderlust and reigniting the stoke in a true tale of cold water surf exploration."


Winner - London surf film Festival - "Best Cinematography"

Winner - Bells Beach surf film festival - "Best Cinematography" 

Official Selection - Ocean Film Festival World Tour (50 screenings in AUS and NZ) 

Official Selection - Florida Surf Film Festival 

Official Selection - Santa Barbra Surf Film Festival

Official Selection - Screenwave International Film Festival 

Official Selection - Arctic Open Int Film Festival